Frequently Asked Questions


  • What do I do if my school or nursery is using EasyPeasy Pods?

    If you are currently registered to EasyPeasy through your child's school or nursery, you will be receiving text messages from us! You can keep using your EasyPeasy by clicking on those messages (you don't need to download anything from the App store!).

  • I'm a parent and notice you have more than one product?

    We currently have two products: EasyPeasy Pods and EasyPeasy Play.

  • What are the differences between these two products?

    The difference is that EasyPeasy Play can be used by a parent or childminder individually and EasyPeasy Pods is designed to be used as part of a group and is organised by a local school or nursery. The content for both apps is the same.

  • What skills will my child learn with EasyPeasy?

    EasyPeasy build the skills your child needs to succeed at school and life.

  • These skills include:

    • - Speaking and listening
    • - Confidence and resilience
    • - Curiosity and creativity
    • - Getting on with others
  • How much does EasyPeasy Play cost?

    EasyPeasy Play is free to download and comes with a starter pack of 10 games. Afterwards new games can be purchased in two ways:

    • - £2.99 for a pack of 5 games
    • - £19.99 for all game packs
  • How many games are there on the app?

    In total there are 65 games on the app.