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Making parents your partners in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Parents and the home learning environment influence children's early development just as much as the quality of the early education they are receiving through your setting. To close developmental gaps, you need to get parents on board!

During EasyPeasy's 20 week journey, we send parents fun, simple, educational games ideas to their mobile, creating more playful situations at home. EasyPeasy games are not on screen, but played in the real world.

Games are designed by experts to promote positive parent-child interaction and support progress against Early Learning Goals outlined in the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

See how EasyPeasy games support EYFS learning at home

Our design led approach to parent engagement

We started by buliding a deep understanding of parents' lived experiences to design solutions that support and encourage, rather than undermine or stigmatise. That’s how we knew that parents didn’t need another parenting 'class' to travel to or another app to hope they discover and download.

It's why instead we work in partnership with early years settings, who invite parents in their community to EasyPeasy directly. We send them weekly SMS, where they can access game ideas, tips and advice directly on their mobile. Parents start to play, talk, and interact more with their children through having something fun, simple and educational to do, and go on to have new and more purposeful conversations with practitioners and other parents.

Whilst we take care of home learning, you will be able to review their learning journey through your school's EasyPeasy dashboard and weekly email updates we send directly to your inbox.
Did you know?
The Effective Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Education study (EPPSE) found that the influence of early years home learning environment continued right through to A-level results, even after the effects of pre-school education have faded.
The Education Endowment Foundation has assessed a wide spectrum of early years interventions and find that interventions here add +5 months to children’s development as well as being good value for money.
Activities like EasyPeasy games which support language and communication in early years add another +1 month progress to children’s development.

See how EasyPeasy games support EYFS learning at home

"EasyPeasy is a 21st century approach that builds on the longstanding traditions of nursery education and community work with families. We know that parent support at home makes the biggest difference of all and EasyPeasy helps us to share these messages with parents in an accessible way. Parents tell us that they like the app and they enjoy the activities with their children."

"I think this is a brilliant idea, truly innovative in that it develops character skills such as persistence & resilience as well as cognitive skills."

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